3D Printing

Three-dimensional printing, a type of additive manufacturing, uses layers upon layers of material to build almost anything imaginable. Once a novelty reserved for architects and product designers, 3D printing is now making its way into nearly every corner of industry. more...

Crafting + activism

Craftivism is a contemporary art project that responds to the resurgent interest in craft as it relates to socially-engaged art practices. Craftivism will involve fourteen projects developed by artists and collectives that work with craft-based traditions and activist practices, and who employ the tactics of craftivism (combining crafting + activism) to question, disrupt or replace the dominant modes of mass culture and consumerism.  more....

The Arts & Crafts Movement

It was a movement born of ideals. It grew out of a concern for the effects of industrialisation: on design, on traditional skills and on the lives of ordinary people. In response, it established a new set of principles for living and working. It advocated the reform of art at every level and across a broad social spectrum, and it turned the home into a work of art.

The Arts and Crafts Movement was one of the most influential, profound and far-reaching design movements of modern times. It began in Britain around 1880 and quickly spread across America and Europe before emerging finally as the Mingei (Folk Crafts) movement in Japan.
The Movement took its name from the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society, founded in 1887, but it encompassed a very wide range of like-minded societies, workshops and manufacturers. Other countries adapted Arts and Crafts philosophies according to their own needs. While the work may be visually very different, it is united by the ideals that lie behind it.
This was a movement unlike any that had gone before. Its pioneering spirit of reform, and the value it placed on the quality of materials and design, as well as life, shaped the world we live in today.    more.....

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